Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome to Friends of Beat the Drum Village

Welcome to our blog!  If you're reading this post, you've probably already been to the Beat The Drum Village website.  And if you have, you already know who we are and what we're trying to do.  You may have even donated to the village or become a fan of the organization on Facebook.  Maybe you've seen the film that started it all.  And now you're reading our blog.

So why a blog?  Why now?

When we started raising money for the village, our goal was simply to get the word out.  To introduce you to the village and the 15 children who live there.  In December, we asked you to help us meet an urgent short-term need of $4,500 to help cover the cost of food, clothing and medical supplies.  Thanks to your generosity, we met that goal!

Now, however, it's time to focus on the big picture, to find a way to ensure these children have the long-term support they need.

We hope this blog is the first step.  We hope this blog will foster a community of active BTDV supporters, a community of "Friends" who are interested in making a sustained, significant impact in these orphans' lives.

If you want to make sure these 15 orphans will continue to receive the food, clothing and medical supplies they need while living in unique, family-style residences, if you want to see the village grow from 15 children to 50, from three houses to ten, if you want to be a part of the transformation from an orphanage reliant on donations for survival to a thriving "village" of children and caretakers equipped to grow their own food, then please consider becoming a Friend of Beat the Drum Village.  Friends are individuals who believe that sharing ideas, providing financial support and participating in these children's lives (perhaps by even visiting the village someday!) will make a real difference in Kenya.

As a first step, we invite you to read the update below, the first of many.  These updates, posted monthly, will show you how your generosity is making a significant impact in the lives of these children and our thoughts on how we can continue on this journey together.

We also invite you to share your thoughts by posting a comment or emailing us at  We may have brought this community of Friends together, but it is only through your participation -- sharing an idea, telling a friend or making a donation -- that we'll be able to meet our long-term goals.

Finally, to those of you who feel led to become a part of this community, please consider becoming a follower of this blog and signing up to receiving updates by email.  We need as many Friends as we can get!

Our Impact
As of February 28, 2010, support totals $5,525.  Thank you for your generous donations.  These funds are being used for food, water, medicine and clothing for the 15 orphans, five of whom were new to the village.  While the December campaign was to support only the five new children for an extended period of time, because of a decrease in donations outside of our efforts, our funds are being used to support all 15 children.  We now represent the primary source of financial support for these kids.

The Children
Unlike dormitory-style orphanages, Beat the Drum Village offers a true home environment for children living with HIV/AIDS.  Each home at Beat the Drum Village houses five children and their caretaker.  In future postings, we will spotlight one child, sharing his or her stories, aspirations, joys and needs.  It is our hope that you will get to know each and every special life you are touching so deeply.

Looking Ahead
We have established a monthly goal of $2,900.  This amount is what is required to meet the basic needs of all 15 children and their live-in caretakers for one month.  In future updates we'll share thoughts on the campaign to raise funds for the next house and longer term sustainability planning.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us. Your support makes a difference.

Let’s build a village together,