Sunday, April 4, 2010

It Only Takes 15

It only takes 15. Just 15 people and the children of Beat the Drum Village would be completely supported. Just 15 individuals, couples, families or groups of friends raising a hand to say:  I will provide the money needed to buy food, clothing and medicine for one HIV positive child living at Beat the Drum Village in Kenya.

March donations generated from the website did not reach our monthly goal, the amount required to meet the most basic needs of the 15 orphans living at Beat the Drum Village. After a conversation with my sister, Lauren, about the unfortunate reality of how challenging it will be to meet our goal month after month, she simply said:  You only need 15. 15 people who are willing to commit to monthly support. And she's right.

If just 15 people - or 15 couples, 15 families, 15 groups - committed to a reoccurring donation of $193 each month to meet the needs of one child, then our goal would be met. Funds that would directly and specifically benefit the lives of Dennis, Eunice, Julius, Rebecca, Abigail, Faith, Emmanuel, Andrew, Martin, Lucy, Julia, Baraku, Erick, Simon and Everline each and every day.

So this month our update has one goal: to begin the search for our 15.

I will be the first to make this commitment. Who will be number two?

Let's build a village together,

Become one of the 15 today. Send me an email at or log onto and sign up for a reoccurring donation of $193 per month. If you're unable to make this commitment right now, please help us find 14 others by forwarding this to a friend.